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Call South County Roofing and Roof Repair for roofing, roof repair, roof tune ups and roof inspection for Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, and Laguna Beach areas.

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South County Roofing has helped hundreds of Laguna Hills home owners repair their roofs over the years (since 1997). Laguna Hills has a lot of steep tile roofs and it is important to have someone who has repaired these types of roofs and had their repairs stand the test of many, many rainy seasons. Over the years we have done leak repairs in valley areas, around chimney and fireplaces, changed roof flashing around skylight to stop the leaking skylight.

Roof Leak Detection Laguna Hills

Roof Tune Up Laguna Hills

At South County Roofing we know how to inspect your roof, identify any areas of concern, bid them appropriately, and get the work done efficiently and professionally. We don't cut corners on any of the materials used.

We don't just glue roofing tiles together we replace them with matching roofing tiles. And, if they don't match well enough for our taste we will place the replacement roofing tiles in a place on your roof that is not highly visible and take that tile and use it for a replacement in the more visible areas. It is our goal to not just do some roof repairs but to make our repairs the best we can and make them to last as long as we can.

We don't just put some tar around your flashing and spray paint them, we use a high quality polyether based caulking the seal the collars around your roof plumbing and heating flashing, we make sure the proper storm collar is installed, we check your caps to make sure they are in good shape, and we don't ever use spray paint. We custom make a color for your roof using Behr Ultra Paint and primer in one coat. After we service your roof flashing you probably will never need to do it again because we do it the right the first time.

Roof Leak Detection Laguna Hills

Laguna Hills Roof Inspections

We can do a roof inspection for you at just about any time. Having us perform a roof inspection can help you figure out where you're at with your roof. Is it time to replace?

Do you need some extensive roof repair and what should they be and how much should they cost. Or, do you just need a little maintenance. These questions get fully answered by having us inspect your roof.

We give you an unbiased and expert opinion on every option you may need to consider about your roof. Roofs are complicated. You need to know why and when you should replace your roof, how long your roof should last and how old it is, how good the roof installation is and should you even bother repairing it?

There are a lot of scenarios you can get involved in and some can be very expensive and not necessary. We make sure you are properly informed so that you can make the best decision and you are under obligation to hire us and we are not the high pressure type.

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